instrument cluster in a mazda

The Mazda Instrument Cluster Screen Can Be Configured to Give You Important Driving Info

How to Read and Configure Your Mazda Instrument Cluster Gauge 

Depending on what Mazda you drive, you may have an instrument cluster screen that is configurable. If you do, your Mazda experience is about to get a whole lot better, as we are set to show you not only how to read and understand what you’re seeing in the instrument cluster, but also how you can configure it yourself. 

Again, this guide may not apply to all Mazda models, but it will be relevant to certain newer models from the Mazda lineup. How can you know? Well, to start, you’ll see your tachometer (shows revolutions per minute) on the left, speedometer in the middle, and the engine coolant temperature gauge next to the fuel level gauge on the right. In the center of the entire cluster, you’ll see a digital multi-information display screen, and this is the part that is configurable. 

What Can Be Displayed on Mazda’s Instrument Cluster Screen 

On the left side of the instrument cluster screen, you’ll see a few things usually by default. This includes an outside temperature reading on the bottom left and mpg readings on the left side, as well. If you want to change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius, you can do so through your infotainment display on the dashboard. Just go to Settings > System > and then find Temperature and adjust accordingly. 

How to Configure the Mazda Multi-Information Display 

Changing this display further can be done by pressing the INFO button on your steering wheel. Doing so will allow you to add an additional element to the display, which appears in the center of the speedometer. By cycling through, you can select trip meters, a display for your i-ACTIVSENSE® safety systems or a maintenance minder that tells you when your next service is due. 

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If you’ve learned something here today, know that there is so much more out there to learn about your Mazda model. If you have questions, get in touch with us at Maple Shade Mazda and we’d be happy to help you out.