MID-SIZE SHOOT OUT – Automobile Magazine – Comparison between top mid-size sedan contenders


Recently Automobile Magazine put together the top contenders in the mid-size sedan segment. A comprehensive list including the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Subaru Legacy and Mazda6, Automobile Magazines only Japanese vehicle in the crowd.
While many offer room or a soft ride, it’s the Mazda6 that excels in handling and an abundant list of features making the Mazda6 a clear value. the professionals all agree, the Mazda6 is “the best looking” of the bunch. “There’s a fluidity to the handling that even the Accord can’t match. I love the steering weight …” “It has very accurate steering, solid brakes with a good feel, and snappy shifts from the transmission,”

“… the Mazda shines brighter in so many ways that others don’t — and I can’t ignore it,”