Mazda Service Center vehicle inspections

Maple Shade & Turnersville Service Departments Launch Video Inspections

Video Vehicle Inspections at Maple Shade Mazda & Turnersville Mazda

Imagine this – you drop off your ride for its routine vehicle inspection and later in the day receive a video from the service center. From the comfort of your own home, you open the file to a friendly greeting from your Mazda-trained technician, who then proceeds to give you a tour of your vehicle’s various components. “These are your shock absorbers,” he says. “And as you can see, they are leaking. Now is the time to address them for your vehicle to remain safe and operate properly.” You reconnect with the service center to approve the necessary repairs, and you’re back on the road in no time with your car in pristine condition. That’s the magic of Video Vehicle Inspections at Maple Shade Mazda and Turnersville Mazda! 

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Your Full Circle Inspection Results Sent to You!

As the digital domain continues to evolve, remote services are becoming a crucial part of everyday life. Perhaps you have a hectic schedule, or maybe you’re just looking for an easier way to hack through the to-do list. Whatever the case may be, our new Video Vehicle Inspection is a convenient alternative to the traditional on-site inspection. 

When visiting the Maple Shade or Turnersville Service Departments for your routine Full Circle Inspection, you can request to receive a visual overview of your vehicle’s results from your trusted Mazda-trained technician much like the one you see in this video!

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When registered under the MyMazda App, you’ll also be able to hold your vehicle’s Full Circle Inspection results in the palm of your hand. MyMazda shows your Mazda’s recommended maintenance schedule and holds onto service history records provided from Mazda Dealers for easy reference.

Looking to schedule your next vehicle inspection? Schedule your service appointment online at our Maple Shade Mazda or Turnersville Mazda locations!