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3 Reasons to Get Your Mazda Serviced at a Dealership

When you need to get your Mazda serviced you most likely have several people offering you suggestions on where to go. You may have some people suggesting you go to their friend. Others will suggest doing it yourself. However, the best place to get your Mazda serviced is at a dealership. Why is it best to visit a dealership for your vehicle service? Keep reading for our three reasons why you should get your Mazda serviced at a dealership.

Why you should visit a Mazda dealership for service

Mazda technician pouring oil into engine using funnel
  1. Dealerships have OEM parts and new equipment. When you visit a dealership you know that you will be getting OEM parts put into your vehicle. These parts are made for your vehicle, so you don’t need to worry about the new part not working with your vehicle. Additionally, dealerships are the first to receive new equipment when it hits the market.
  2. Repairs may be free if covered under warranty.  If your vehicle is still under warranty, you can get your service done for free. This can help the customer save a lot of money. If they go to a small repair shop, they may have to pay for a deductible to cover the cost of labor and parts.
  3. The staff is full of specialists. The entire service staff is made up of specialists. This means that they were trained by the manufacturer. They additionally go through ongoing training so that they stay up to date on the models of a manufacturer. The technician is also able to identify problems that others may not notice.  

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Mazda service at Maple Shade Mazda

Now that you know why you should visit a dealership for Mazda service, come and visit us at Maple Shade Mazda for your next service appointment.  Our service center offers a large list of services including oil changes, tire balance and tire rotation. Visit our website to schedule a service appointment today.