At Mazda, safety is our number one priority and it always has been. That's the philosophy behind Mazda Activsense™


 IN 2008, Mazda launched the beginning of a safety suite of ground breaking safety features with BLIND SPOT WARNING. This system employs real radar on both sides of the vehicle to provide drivers a visual and audiable warning of unseen dangers in their blind spots.


Mazda has nurtured the marriage of safety, convenience and piece of mind with it's safety technologies including the new Mazda Lane Keep Assist.


Mazda Lane Keep Assist does more than just warn the driver he/or she has crossed into another lane. It can intervene to keep the driver on their intended path. 


When exceeding 35 mph, this system warns the driver using one of three devises to keep them aware of their location. The driver can choose from a beep tone with adjustable volume, a rumble through the audio system with adjustable intensity or a very noticeable vibration in the steering wheel. Each has adjustments for sensitivity to best fit your driving style.


This system can also intervene, keeping you on your intended path and a little further out of harms way. A slight nudge to the right or left and yourr're down the road ... Safe and Sound!


Of course, if you tell your vehicle your're changing lanes by engaging your turn signals, the system is by passed.


Peace of mind that suites your needs ... now that's smart!