While Mazda has always been know for superior handling, the Mazda CX-5 has broadened that experience for so many more than even Mazda had anticipated. The Mazda CX-5 has been hailed by the press and mazda owners alike ... IT IS THE BEST HANDING SMALL SUV ON THE MARKET TODAY
Dynamic Handling, Excellent Cargo Capacity and Exceptional Fuel Economy are just a few of the standout attributes of Mazda's MOST AWARDED SUV. Infact USAA has named the Mazda CX-5 "TOP VALUE" and "BEST PERFORMING SMALL SUV". We couldn't be more honored than to serve those who serve our country and thank USAA for that recognition.
Let's not forget safety. Mazda CX-5 has been awarded TOP SAFETY PICK due to it's structural integrity and it’s advanced safety technology (i-Activsense assist drives in detecting potential collisions and aids in avoiding them). BLING SPOT MONITORING (available in Mazdas since 2008), Smart City Brake Support, Adaptive Front Lighting System and E911 (auto 911 dialing in case of an accident) are just afew of the i-ACTIVSENSE features.
US NEWS and World Report has named the Mazda CX-5 "BEST COMPACT SUV for FAMILIES" It's nimble handling and responsive handling make it a "JOY TO DRIVE."
Automobile Magazine has said "Mazda's CX-5 has charmed us with it's lively chassis, tidy size and excellent fuel economy"

Reviews - Awards - Information
Brand Award 6 Year Lowest Cost of Ownership
Brand Award Most Fuel Efficient & Cleanest in USA
3rd Party Review ROAD&TRACK ROAD&TRACK - 12 BEST under $30,000
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3rd Party Review 2014 Japan Car of the Year
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3rd Party Review Luxury materials and Interior
3rd Party Review 2013/2014 Crossover Shoot-Out
Mazda Brand AWARD 5 Year Cost of Ownership Award
Fuel Economy EPA CX-5 offers Best Hwy Fuel Mileage
3rd Party Award BEST Engine in it's Class
3rd Party Award CX-5 Boosts Performance, Fuel Economy
Mazda CX-5 Raises the Bar 3rd Party References