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Anthony A, Turnersville Mazda 22 Mar 2018
Efficient service and friendly and courteous staff
5 rate
Donna S, Turnersville Mazda 22 Mar 2018
Always courteous and fast I wait for my car and shortly after I relax and have a cup of tea my car is ready
5 rate
Michael O, Turnersville Mazda 22 Mar 2018
I had both of my Mazda cars serviced last week. The appointment for one was a recall and the other was a mechanical problem. Both cars were handled promptly and efficiently. The service manager was polite and accommodating to my schedule. The experience made me feel that everything was handled with safety in mind, and was handled honestly and reasonably. Still makes me happy about my original choice to buy and maintain at Turnersville Mazda. Show more
5 rate
Nancy F, Maple Shade Mazda 22 Mar 2018
Marta as extremely welcoming to me. I told her what I as looking for in a car and things were arranged very quickly and I am extremely happy with my choice.
5 rate
Edwin R, Maple Shade Mazda 22 Mar 2018
Paul treated me like family and described the process of leasing another vehicle in the best way possible. Paul knows his stuf
5 rate
Casey D, Maple Shade Mazda 22 Mar 2018
The employees were very friendly and helpful. She (Marta) is excellent. She (Marta) has helped me with 2 leases now. She (Marta) is very personable and works very hard to make you happy. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to everyone I know. I think the Mapleshade Mazda team is won...derful. They truly go above and beyond to find the right vehicle and deal for you. I really appreciate the time they took to help make me the best deal they could offer. I am very happy with my new vehicle. Much thanks to Marta and Brian. Show more
5 rate
Pamela M, Maple Shade Mazda 20 Mar 2018
Everyone is very nice, helpful, have a lot of helpful information about the car, and don't try to do work that is not needed.
5 rate
John L, Turnersville Mazda 18 Mar 2018
He was the most professional sales person I ever spoke to. He was well organized and tried to anticipate every question that I would have, so that I did not have to ask him too many questions.
5 rate
S.C., Turnersville Mazda 13 Mar 2018
Everything , he explained all about car , price , payments , service after I purchased he went outside to set up phone , and everything else . Very helpful . This is my 4 Mazda what else to say , Thank you !
5 rate
Cb1014 12 Mar 2018
This visit was my first but the people were friendly and helpful. The wait wasn’t long for my oil change and luckily for me this location wasn’t too far. I rather enjoyed my visit.
4 rate
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