Mazda Navigation / Infotainment System

Key features

  • 2D or 3D perspective for landmarks and city views
  • Traffic patterns based on historical data
  • On-screen speed limits
  • Advance notice of upcoming exits and appropriate driving lane

Mazda Audio / Infotainment System

Music, news, sports, podcasts or talk radio—everything you want to hear is accessible right here, for your listening pleasure and convenience. The system is easy to use—simply follow the prompts on the display to access the desired entertainment program.


Access Pandora in your Mazda

Pandora® is free, personalized Internet radio that can be accessed via your paired smartphone through Bluetooth® connection. Simply enter an artist, track or genre and Pandora® will create a personalized station based on the information you provided. Give songs a thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating to help Pandora® refine your station to play only music you love. For more information, visit

Pair your phone and stay connected

Your work, family, friends and more can be with you wherever you go when you let your vehicle's infotainment system put your entire world within easy reach. Import up to 1,000 Contacts from your connected phone via Bluetooth®, Enjoy your favorite content from Facebook and Twitter in your vehicle. With Aha™ Radio, you can sync your social media experience ... when the Mobile 911 setting is ON and the vehicle is involved in a moderate to severe collision, a call is made automatically to 911 from the connected device.

Do go it alone, you have Roadside Assistance

This award-winning app uses GPS technology to dispatch roadside assistance to your exact location any time, day or night. You'll also be provided with critical roadside assistance information, estimated time of arrival and service provider information.

It's easy with Commander Control

The Commander Control keeps you in touch with your world. From your Phone to Navigation to Audio System, control is at your finger-tips.


Using Todays Technology in your new Mazda

With so many Mazda Owners using many different types of audio files, Mazda has created a versatile system that allows you to enjoy just about any of your favorites wether streaming bluetooth from your phone, to files on a thumb-drive, Mazda has you covered. 

See what you've been missing with Adaptive Lighting

The most important factor in avoiding driver fatigue and increasing safety during night driving is providing a well-illuminated field of view. The Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) optimizes distribution of light from the headlights according to driving circumstances. Depending on vehicle speed and steering input, the system points the low-beam headlights in the direction the driver intends to travel.

Access Facebook & Twitter in your Mazda

Download AHA® and begin

  • Access your Facebook
  • Access your Twitter
  • Aha integrates your Audio System, Phone and Optional Navigation System with each other and the internet for directions and phone numbers, making life a little easier. Find what and where all in one place with AHA®.

Mazda 's looking out for you - Back-up Camera

  Rear-view or back-up cameras are more than a convenience, they're a safety feature for you and those around you as well. Yearly, 15,000 people are injured and over 200 die (click) from back-up accidents involving unwarey drivers, even family members. Studies show that vehicles with back-up cameras are 57% less like to strike a stationary object and NHTSA estimates back-up camers to be 28% more effective than parking sensors. Legislation requires all vehicles to have review systems by 2018, but concerned drivers don't need to wait.


It's about time ... to set your Mazda clock

  One way to always be on time is to leave early. The other is to make sure your clock is accurately set. Whether you "Spring forward" or "Fall back," you have the power. After all, opportunity doesn't always knock twice, so be on time. 

Lets Clear things up, with Automatic Windshield Wipers

  A clear view of the road makes the drive easier and safer. Automatic windshield wipers make the ride a little nicer using sensors to automatically adjust to road and weather conditions. It's a feature that also makes the ride less tedious.