Mazda helps you reach your desination with Sporty Handling, Up-class Features and Now APPLE CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. We love what rocks your world ... and helps you enjoy the ride.


  AVAILABLE in all Mazda vehicles, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto integration. Now access Google Maps, Waze™, Spotify™, iTunes™, playlists, contacts and many other compatible apps with your voice or Siri. Customers experience their system reading incoming text messages, and hands-free replys.

  Android users experience available Android Auto™ integration. Your world is within reach and connected, 'cause we think you rock!





Your Mazda Connected, APPLE Carplay is available in ALL MAZDA PRODUCTS. From our most popular suv, the Mazda CX-5 to the Sleek All New 2019 Mada3 each connect you and the road to your world. Here's a short tutoial how to get connected through your new Mazda CarPlay System. Easy-peasie.




 Experience the ultimate in mobile connectivity while staying totally engaged in the drive.