The Mazda CX-5. Like every Mazda, it’s built for people who love driving. And for those who want to feel that way again. Or even for the first time. Stunning new design radiates from every corner, curve and detail. Exceptional driving dynamics connect you to the road.

At Mazda, our dream is to create an emotional connection with customers and become an essential part of their lives. To this end we have worked to strengthen the feeling of connection between car and driver.



Inside, the Mazda CX-5 features space for five passengers. The cabin has been designed to offer the driver an easy and comfortable experience, while still offering passengers ample space on comfortable premium cloth or leather-trimmed seating:

MAZDA CONNECT™: On a 7-inch touchscreen display that’s mounted on the center console, you’ll have access to smartphone data, select apps, audio streaming and a huge back-up camera.

Bluetooth Technology: With intuitive steering wheel-mounted controls, you’ll be able to access Voice Activated Navigation and Audio Controls, make Phone Calls, change audio settings, and adjust cruise control while keeping your eyes on the road.

Stylish Chrome Accents: Framing air vents, accenting the steering wheel, and in other places throughout the cabin, tasteful chrome details make the interior seem modern and elegant.

Luxury appointments create an opulant experience, enriching the drivers commute.
High Quality -Soft Touch materials are used through-out the cabin .
  Form meets function; the electronic parking brake ensures every driver gets optimal safety.     
Entertainment and comunications at your fingertips vis touch screen or Commander Control.
Sleek distinctive lines define a sophicticated personality .
Upscale refinements move this veratile SUV to the forefront of design .
  Head turning style takes your erands to an enjoyable level.     
Across town or across the state, get there in comfort and style with the Mazda CX-5 . 

Advance Safety Technologies
The Mazda CX-5 carries forward the Safety Features that have made the Mazda CX-5 a "TOP SAFETY PICK PLUS". Here's a short list of the invaluable technologies you'll encounter on the Mazda CX-5:     
NEW G-VECTORING CONTROL (GVC): Standard across all CX-5s. When combined with the extreme lengths Mazda went to quiet the cabin, as well as its 15 percent stiffer chassis, GVC adds a confident, refined dynamic to the driving experience .G-Vectoring Control, helps you steer more precisely by optimizing load control. Just like an athlete refines his form to hit the ball further with less force, our technology strives for the same efficiency. Instead of strengthening the vehicle’s muscles, we improved how it delivers force. The effect is subtle, but how you feel after a great drive isn’t. Why go to these lengths? Because we believe no detail is too small when it comes to making driving better.
LANE DEPARTURE WARNING SYSTEM: Alerts you when you’re unintentionally about to depart from your lane at a speed of approximately 37 mph or higher. 
LANE KEEP ASSIST: Adds to the warnings of the Lane Departure Warning System by performing minor steering corrections to re-center the vehicle in its lane upon sensing an unintentional lane departure . 
ACTIVE  DRIVER DISPLAY : The available Active Driving Display, A full color projected on the windshield, infront of the driver, helps take your mind off distractions by displaying critical driving information directly in front of you. Strategically positioned in your field of view and above the gauge cluster, this innovative display allows you to process information faster by keeping your eyes focused toward one place—the road ahead.

TRAFFIC SIGN RECOGNITION (TSR): Using strategically mounted cameras, available Traffic Sign Recognition System4 can actually read road signs such as Speed Limit, Stop, and Do Not Enter. This information then shows up in the Active Driving Display, so you can stay alert and informed without taking your eyes off the road.

Blind Spot and Cross Traffic Warning System: Mazda has offered Blind Spot Warning since 2008 in many models. However, mazda now offers Cross Traffic Warning with Blind Spot Warning to give audiable and visual warning and help prevent an accident. BLIND SPOT WARNING:Radar sensors detect and alert when objects are in your left and right blind spots. It also warns when fast-travelling vehicles areabout to enter a blind spot from further behind. CROSS TRAFFIC WARNING: As you reverse, this system promptly alerts you on the back-up monitor, as well as on the side view mirrors, when it detects a vehicle approaching from the side.  
DEPARTURE WARNING SYSTEM / LANE KEEP ASSIST: LANE DEPARTURE WARNING SYSTEM alerts you when you’re unintentionally about to depart from your lane at a speed of approximately 44 mph or higher. LANE KEEP ASSIST: adds to the warnings of the Lane Departure Warning System by performing minor steering corrections to re-center the vehicle in its lane upon sensing an unintentional lane departure.
DRIVER ASSISTANCE TECHNOLOGY: Advanced features like Smart City Brake Support operates while travelling at low speeds, this system detects objects ahead. If an impact is  predicted, the system will adjust the brake pads closer to the disc for faster braking, or apply the brakes if you’re unable to
ADAPTIVE FRONT-LIGHTING SYSTEM: These headlights are specifically designed to help you see around corners at night. As you turn into a corner, the headlights pivot up to 15 degrees in the direction  of your turn, improving visibility and allowing you to spot potential hazards and dangers ahead.
MAZDA RADAR CRUISE CONTROL: This system works within a set speed range to help maintaina safe following distance from the car ahead, alerting you when it senses your vehicle fast approaching the one ahead.
Dynamic Stability Control with Traction Control System: Sensors monitor for over-steer, under-steer, and wheel slip to apply braking and help you maintain control of the vehicle.

Mazda CX-5 Reviews

CARandDRIVER:  “Mazda’s ethos is to blend sports-car know-how into every model, and the CX-5 is no exception. Sharp steering and a poised chassis make it the enthusiast’s pick.”"The new CX-5 builds on the achievements of its already impressive predecessor by gently evolving the crossover’s styling, driving experience, and interior design and refinement ...remains above the segment standard is the way the CX-5 moves down the road". Taken in full, the CX-5 once again is a standout among generally staid rankswe’ll continue to be impressed if Mazda can keep improving its already excellent lineup while keeping its cars’ spirit intact as it did here.

Autoblog: “Gone is the cutesy, roundish face in favor of a more angular theme. The headlights are slimmer, while the grille ditches the horizontal bars for a mesh pattern.”



Edmunds: “If you’re looking for a small, affordable crossover that feels as if it should cost considerably more, the 2017 Mazda CX-5 is a good first stop.”


Motortrend: “Look closely at it from the side and you’ll notice the 2017 model’s more raked rear end and slimmer taillights. In front, the CX-5 sports sleeker headlights and the new corporate face we’ve seen on the CX-9 and Mazda3, with a chrome grille frame that outlines the bottom of the grille and spills into the headlights.”



LANE DEPARTURE WARNING SYSTEM: Alerts you when you’re unintentionally about to depart from your lane at