Mazda Blind-Spot and Cross-traffic Monitor means safe and sound

Most drivers have experienced that sense of panic from almost swerving into another car that just wasn’t visible. Mazda Blind Spot and Cross Traffic Monitoring avoids this by alerting the driver when another vehicle enters its blind spot.

Mazda Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) system utilizes real radar to monitor areas ON BOTH SIDES of the vehicle to the rear at speeds above 20 mph. The BSM system notifies the driver of vehicles in the detection areas by illuminating the BSM warning light located in the mirror. If the turn signal is operated in the direction the BSM warning light is illuminated, the warning light will flash and the system will also warn the driver of the vehicle in the detection area with a chime sound. That chime volume is adjustable through the Mazda Connect System.

BSM Operation Conditions – Ignition is ON. – Your vehicle speed is approximately 20 mph or greater. – System is not deactivated. (“BSM OFF” lamp is not illuminated). * When ignition is on (default), BSM automatically turns on – Shift position is other than reverse position. * If shift position is in reverse position, the Rear Cross-traffic System is activated.
Rear Cross-traffic alert is part of the blind-spot monitoring system. It uses the same radar sensors for vehicle detection but activates instead when you put the Mazda 3 in reverse. Its purpose is to detect vehicles that might be crossing your rearward path, such as when you’re backing out of a parking space or driveway. When an oncoming vehicle is detected, the system provides a visual and audible alert