How to Make Sure Your Car Is Ready for Winter

By Product Expert | Posted in Safety, Service Your Mazda on Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 at 7:36 pm
car driver in snow close up on back tire

Winter can be rough on cars. Even the highest quality vehicles can suffer a lot at the hands of ice, salt, snow, temperature changes, and much more. There are a few things you can do to make sure your car is ready for the rigors of winter. Continue reading for some advice on how to be sure your vehicle is prepared for whatever the cold months can throw at it.

Change to Windshield Washing Fluid with Antifreeze

If you filled your windshield washing fluid tank back in the summer, you were probably putting a mild glass cleaner into the reservoir, with few special additives. You can buy windshield washing fluid that has antifreeze in it for better performance in the winter, but you have to make sure whatever is in there doesn’t freeze before you get to fill it.

Find a Car Wash with Undercarriage Wash and Salt Protection

One of the best things you can do to preserve your car for the long term if you do it right away before roads start getting salted and before freezing temperatures set in. While it is usually better to wash your car yourself, which you can still do to get a nice protective coat of wax, it’s hard to wash the underside of your car without special equipment. Keeping the underside of your car clean and protected from rust will have a big impact on your car’s lifespan.

close up of car wheel in snow with motion blur and tracks

woman cleaning car windshield with snow brush wearing hood long hair

Check your Tire Tread Depth or Change Tires

If you have a set of winter tires, put them on your car before it gets too cold out. If you forgot to change them, you should do so when you have a chance. If you use year-round tires, make sure your tires are not getting too bald. Slippery roads are much worse with smooth tires. Bring your car into Maple Shade Mazda for service and get your tires changed as soon as you can!


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