How to fix Mazda Bluetooth connection issues

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For many Mazda owners, Bluetooth is at the top of the list as one of the most convenient features in their vehicle. Bluetooth technology makes it possible to talk on the phone hands-free, which makes the drive safer overall. This is all well and good, but what if you’re Mazda’s Bluetooth technology is having some connection issues? We are here to help. Here’s how to get your Mazda’s Bluetooth working again.

Can’t connect Bluetooth in the Mazda3

Solving Bluetooth connection issues is usually very straightforward. The process goes something like this:

Try removing the phone from the list of saved devices on the Mazda, turn off Bluetooth on the phone and then turn off the Mazda and the phone.
Turn both back on, enable Bluetooth on the phone and try reconnecting.

Mazda Bluetooth not working

But what if the above doesn’t work? Not it’s time to get creative. Before we try and troubleshoot, it’s important to recognize that we are working with a few different variables. We have two different devices, a smartphone and the Mazda’s infotainment system, each with its own operating system. Because we are working with too different devices, the process of trial and error is helpful to narrow down where the issue is.

  1. Is the smartphone compatible with the Mazda infotainment system?A man behind the wheel of the 2019 Mazd CX-5 Signature
  2. Is your smartphone using the latest version of its operating system?
    • If not, try updating. Android users be aware that Android Lollipop seems to be causing in-car Bluetooth issues.
  3. Does your Bluetooth drop calls? 
    • Does the Bluetooth drop in the same area of town? Because Bluetooth relies on radio signals to connect, dead zones will result in dropped calls. Paying attention to where dropped calls happen can help you identify and avoid those dead zones and hopefully dropped calls.
  4. Are there coins, pens or general clutter near the dashboard? 
    • Clutter in front of the infotainment system can cause the Bluetooth’s to lose connection with radio signals. While the area in front of the infotainment system doesn’t have to be spotless, you don’t necessarily want a lot of metal right there causing interference.
  5. Are there any Bluetooth-enabled devices nearby?
    • This is a major cause of interference. Often, there is a smartphone or tablet in the vehicle with Bluetooth on that is causing connection issues for the driver. The best way to ensure your device pairs to your Mazda is to make sure all other devices have Bluetooth turned off at that moment.
  6. Have you downloaded any new apps?
    • Sometimes new apps, or apps running in the background of the phone, can cause Bluetooth issues. If your Bluetooth was working prior to downloading a new app, it’s worth trying to remove the app to see if your Bluetooth connection is restored.
  7. Are you accessing Bluetooth through an app on your phone?
    • If so, it’s worth uninstalling the Android Auto™­ or Apple CarPlay™ app from the smartphone and removing the phone from the Mazda’s list of saved devices. Restart the phone and the Mazda, reinstall the Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay™ app and try reconnecting.


Bluetooth is a great technology and it’s invaluable when driving. Unfortunately, Bluetooth connection issues do come up from time to time, but with some problem-solving, you can get the Bluetooth working again in no time.

What tips and tricks have helped you fix Bluetooth issues in your Mazda? Let us know in the comments below. From all of us at Maple Shade Mazda, thank you reading!


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