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Noisey wipers are more than annoying, their a distraction that's also un-safe.

Why tolerate unpleasant and dangerous problem. Let us make it right. We even install them while you wait.

What you been missing?





Proper Wheel Alignment insures the Best Handling, Safety and Extends the life of your tires.

 Your Wheel Alignment also helps avoid costly repairs while improving performance. 

as part of your regular service

So, lets get started

Protect your safety and improve 
your vehicles reliability



Your Tires Are Where
"The Rubber Hits The Road"

We offer
Whole Sale Tire Pricing so the right tires are installed by the right people at the right price.

 Buy a set of 4 new tires mounted and balanced and receive your 4-Wheel Alignment ar half price, a $40 Value).






 Oil Change &
Full Circle Inspection

More Thanks Just An Oil Change, A Full Circle Inspection allows you to plan ahead for servioce and get the BEST from your vehicle
This Service Includes:
l Load Test Battery
l Inspect Brakes & Tires
l Up to 5 Quarts of Oil
l Top Off Fluids
l Inspect for Leaks
l Replace Oil Filter




Use this coupon to receive
a Special Discount & Priority
Service.  Brakes are the most important feature on your vehicle. Avoid costly repairs later, DO IT NOW.
Don't wait until it's too late
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This service ensures the BEST
Performance from your tires
and the Longest Tread Life.
This Service Includes:
Balance All 4 Wheels
Rotate Tires
Inspect Front and Rear Brake
components for wear & corrosion
Inspect Tires for Wear Patterns
Adjust Tire Pressure



POTHOLE SPECIAL ......... $89xx
Includes 4 Wheel Alighnment, Tire Rotation & Balance

 Proper Wheel Alignment insures the Best Handling, Safety and Extends your tires life.  

 Your Wheel Alignment also helps avoid costly suspension repairs while improving performance.

Protect your safety and improve your vehicles reliability




Full Circle Inspection

Syntec Provides Superior Protection against deposits and neutralizes acids that cause rust

 This Service Includes:
l Up To 5 Quarts of Castrol Syntec
l Load Test Battery
l Inspect Brakes & Tires
l Top Off Fluids
l Inspect for Leaks
l Replace Oil Filter



Keep      click      Right 


 Tires from Our Dealership Mazda Recommended Tires  Performance, Comfort and Safety
No-one knows how to care for your Mazda better than the experts at your dealership. Factory Trained Mazda Certified Technicians know your vehicle inside and out. When it comes to parts, including tires, your dealership understands that the right components provide superb performance and handling for the highest quality standards. Trust them to have the right tires when you need them. Help ensure a safe, comfortable ride with a set of Mazda-recommended tires  Whether it's the Award Winning Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-5 or 7 Passenger Mazda CX-9, your tires were selected to provide superior performance and comfort. Mazda performs extensive research to determine which tires are best suited for each vehicle. Whether your car requires Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, Bridgestone or another tire brand, you can trust that the Mazda Service Center includes the approved, recommended brands to deliver the best driving experience and safety.
 Our Mazda Service Center provides tire options in all approved sizes to meet customers' brand preferences. Wholesale priced tires are selected to provide an optimum driving experience ncluding superior handling on wet or dry pavement, stability, tread life, comfort and rolling resistance, which impacts fuel economy. These features, as well as load and speed ratings, determine which brands and tire types are right for your vehicle.


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Here at Maple Shade & Turnersville Mazda, our goal is to ensure your service experience is prompt and professional.

To make good on this commitment, the Service Centers is comprised of 28 service bays, 11 body shop stalls, and 3 vehicle ovens in 2 convenient locations to offer customers an extensive list of amenities and benefits that make your experience even more thorough and enjoyable.

Visiting either Service Department, your vehicle will receive maintenance and service work all to Mazda’s precise standards by factory-trained technicians using the highest quality diagnostic equipment and genuine Mazda parts.

Our exclusive Customer Care Club includes FREE DAILY SERVICE LOANERS, so you can get to work, the mall, the cleaners, school or all of the above. Should you choose to wait for your vehicle, you have a number of options to keep your day productive, and pleasant. You may spend your time…

  • In our comfortable seating area you watch the news or select something on a cable TV. a
  • Sipping coffee, tea or water while snacking on an assortment of treats or pastries.
  • With free Wi-Fi where you can sit comfortably and stay connected or complete your work uninterrupted.

If time doesn’t permit you to stay with us and utilize any of the amenities listed above, there is an Avis Rent-a-car agency located nearby with delivery to our Service Department where you can rent a vehicle at very competitive rates.

Maple Shade & Turnersville Mazda truly thanks you for your patronage and trust. our goal is to serve customers on their terms. Your input helps us to adjust our goals and serve you and others better. In short, your opinion is very important to us and invited.

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